Donor Confidentiality Policy

Records, as required by Revenue Canada for charitable receipting purposes, are maintained by the Legacy Fund’s office.

  • The Legacy Fund will comply with any legal obligation to disclose the names of donors and the nature and value of their gifts, for example obligations that may arise under the Income Tax Act, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or other relevant statutes.
  • The names of donors and the amount of their gifts may be disclosed to a citizens’ group with which Legacy Fund has signed a funding agreement (Citizens’ Group), but only such donors as are recruited by the Legacy Fund and/or the Citizens’ Group under such agreement. Access to these records, for both the Legacy Fund and the Citizens’ Group, is restricted to those with a need to know in order to fulfill their functions, including their bookkeepers, development or fundraising officers, treasurers and accountants.
  • The identity of a donor requesting to be identified as ‘anonymous’ may be provided only to the Board of Directors of the Legacy Fund on an oral basis if the Board so requests. Such information is privileged and neither appears in the minutes of the meeting nor may be used by Board members or officers outside the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Legacy Fund.
  • If a donor expressly agrees with the Legacy Fund (and, if applicable, with the relevant Citizens’ Group), that donor’s name and donation may be disclosed for a specified purpose, such as donor recognition, matching donation appeals, or otherwise.
    Where any donor information is disclosed to a Citizens’ Group hereunder, the Citizens’ Group shall not disclose such information save in compliance with this Policy.

We call ourselves the Legacy Fund for the Environment because we believe a healthy environment is the greatest legacy we can leave to our children.

If you would like to discuss how you may leave an environmental legacy in your will, please contact Campbell Stuart at 514-927-7802 or