Hudson – Preserving Sandy Beach

A Fiscal Analysis

Interesting things are happening at Sandy Beach in Hudson. Our partner, the citizens’ group Nature Hudson, prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed development and concluded that the proposed 214 unit housing project would not be a money maker for the Town of Hudson. On the contrary, this development would actually cost the town a quarter of a million dollars each year. Sometimes, the ‘money argument’ can be an important tool in environmental defense and an innovative form of ecological action!

Certificate of Authorization cancelled

On May 7 of this year, Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment (the Government of Quebec’s environment body responsible for environmental defense) cancelled a Certificate of Authorization for the project originally issued in 2014 because no work had been done since that time.

Biodiversity Studies vs Government Records

In the meantime, a biodiversity study jointly commissioned by Nature Hudson, Bird Protection Quebec and the Legacy Fund for the Environment has been completed by TerraHumana Solutions. Results clearly demonstrate the unique ecology of the site. Biologists found twenty-nine at-risk species, ranging from reptiles and plants to birds and bats.

These findings are in stark contrast to current government records that show only one species at risk, indicating that either few prior surveys of the site exist or previous surveys had not been detailed enough to locate any of the other at-risk species!

The wetlands on the property were also assessed rigorously by TerraHumana and found to be larger than originally shown on plans of the proposed development. The final report of this important biological survey will be sent to all levels of government. These are the kinds of efforts to take ecological action to prevent forest destruction and protect biodiversity in the Montreal region that we support and that need our support.

Legal Issues

The Legacy Fund is also providing funding for Nature Hudson’s legal procedures.

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