04/25/2021 - The Green Coalition has lost a four year court battle to protect Technoparc’s unique wetland ecosystem in the St. Laurent borough. This ecosystem shelters the largest variety of bird species recorded on Montreal Island.
In its application for a permanent injunction, the Green Coalition asked the court to stop development, reverse the environmental damage already done, and conserve the area in perpetuity. But before the injunction was heard, thousands of trees were felled; a dike and a road were built that drained important marshes, causing a marked decline in the bird population.


Read the full release HERE.


04/11/2020 - 6 Admissions by the Minister of the Environment in the Technoparc injunction:

1) All applications for certificates of authorization (CAs) have been granted by the Minister of the Environment.
2) The objective of the Minister is to help promoters to obtain their CAs.
3) If the Minister does not receive all applicable studies from promoters, the Minister accepts undertakings to do so. However, no follow up is done by the Minister on the undertaking. It another office that’s in charge of follow up.
4) Transfers of CA from one promoter to another or a city is a formality. No meaningful verification is done on the new promoter.
5) Up until 2017-18, all information, studies and analysis were kept confidential. Worse, when going through the “Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec”, the Minister would issue documents (CA) hiding key information, dimensions of the land to be transformed, etc.
6) Even though the Minister knows (or should know) that drying up a wetland will affect the bird population, it never requires a study of the impact of drying up on the bird population.

07/21/2020 - Article in the Montreal Gazette: "Montreal group applies 'act locally' credo to legal defence of the environment." Full article HERE.

07/06/2020 - Article in Westmount Magazine: "Bill 61 needs to be completely changed!" The Green Coalition declares that Bill 61 remains a huge danger for our environment and our civil rights. Full article HERE.

06/11/2020 - The Green Coalition has hired a law firm to send a formal notice to the Legault government, demanding they remove anti-environmental clauses from Bill 61. Full press release (French only) HERE.

06/06/2020 - The Green Coalition held a teleconference to demand a public inquiry into procedures at the Ministry of the Environment. More information HERE.

Other Activities:

-In June, LFE provided funds for a free web conference about the Technoparc Wetlands case, attended by seventy-five participants.  At this conference, participants learned essential technical details of how to get information from the Quebec ministry of the environment web site, the ongoing devastation of the Wetlands by Montreal’s commercial development scheme, the historic complicity of the ministry with developers, and the current plans by the Quebec government to weaken environmental protections even further.

-LFE is supporting citizens in Senneville at the western tip of Montreal Island in their challenge to the municipality’s plan to allow a housing development on a local wetland.

-In the greater Montreal area, discussions are underway with another citizens’ environmental committee contemplating legal action against its municipality over the destruction of natural spaces.  LFE is considering how best it can assist the committee.

-The Green Coalition sent a demand letter to the Quebec government in response to its Act to Re-start Quebec’s Economy. This act would further weaken Quebec’s environmental review processes pursuant to its stated policy of promoting the interests of developers.  The government failed to pass the law prior to its summer recess, but will try again in the fall. 

-In 2015, Sauvons L’Anse-à-L’Orme brought a suit against the city of Montreal, charging that wetlands were illegally filled, that no assessments of possible ecological impacts were made, and that no Certificat d’autorisation had been issued by Quebec’s ministry of the environment.  The construction work involved a temporary road and sewage main on the Ministry of Transport’s right-of-way in the borough of Pierrefonds/Roxboro. This case was settled when the city produced the missing certificate. In light of what was revealed during the Technoparc court case, LFE is now investigating the validity of that certificate.