June 6th, 2020:


Teleconference to support the Green Coalition's demand for a public inquiry into procedures at the Ministry of the Environment

The Teleconference will be conducted in French


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In a stunning development, Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment has admitted in the Superior Court of Quebec that it has never refused a developer’s request for a Certificate of Authorization. Never!


This admission, among others, was made during the Green Coalition’s injunction proceedings to stop the destruction of the Technoparc wetlands - thousands of trees cut down, a road and a dike constructed, marshlands drained and a decline in the bird population. These wetlands are home to the largest variety and density of birds on the Island of Montréal.

Please join the Green Coalition and Groupe Technoparc Oiseaux on Saturday, June 6, from 10 am - 3 pm for an extraordinary teleconference that will bring together environmental groups from across Quebec to discuss how the Quebec government has failed in its mandate to protect the environment.


At this very special teleconference, the Green Coalition’s lawyers at Colby Monet will present an overview of the Technoparc case, including the shocking admissions made by the Ministry of the Environment, and a review of the government procedures for issuing Certificates of Authorization requested by developers. Well-known Leaders in Quebec's environmental community will also make important and critical presentations - see the Agenda below:

  • Opening remarks and Welcome - Mistress of Ceremony         Alison Hackney            

  • Technoparc: A history of the marshes and their birds              Joël Coutu

  • Présentation: Technoparc - Green Coalition injunction            Campbell Stuart

  • Analysis of Certificates of Authorisation                                     Michaël Tremblay

  • Questions et discussion

  • The international context...Biodiversity (in english)                  David Fletcher

  • Analysis of the new regulations proposed by Quebec             Tommy Montpetit

  • The Legacy Fund for the Environment and donations             Alison Hackney

  • Action plans: Press release, Resolution and Vote                     Campbell Stuart

  • 3 pm approximately - Closing words and Adjournment          Alison Hackney

The Green Coalition and Technoparc Oiseaux will also invite all the environmental groups to support Green Coalition's demand for the City of Montréal to abandon the Technoparc development, to reverse the damage done, and to demand that the Minister rescind the Certificates of Authorization issued to the developers at Technoparc.

The Ministry must repair its defective system of issuing Certificates of Authorization. It must preserve and defend the environment.


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