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The Legacy Fund for the Environment partners with citizens’ groups in identifying and prosecuting legal action in defense of the environment. We invite activists and their non-profit organizations to discuss proposals for legal action with us.

If you have a proposal to discuss, please contact us.


Campbell Stuart

Campbell Stuart, partner with the law firm Colby Monet; former mayor of Montreal West; environmental and community activist with Les Amis du parc Meadowbrook, Green Coalition, CRE Montréal, Santropol Roulant, L’Abri en Ville, Little Red Playhouse and others; former ED of the Bukasa Island Community Development Project in Uganda, and President and Director of the Legacy Fund for the Environment.


Jason Prince

Jason Prince, an urban planner, teaches the social economy part-time at Concordia University and works in this field at PME MTL Centre-Ville. He has served on a range of mission-based boards, addressing ecology and democracy, urban development, public internet access, community housing and childcare. Prince has co-edited three books on problems facing the city and is co-raising two teenagers.

Photo credit: David Ward


Marianne Bellavance

Marianne is a law student at the Faculté de droit de l'Université de Montréal and secretary for Sustainable Youth Canada. Growing up, she always cared about the environment, getting involved in the implementation of compost systems at her high school and at Dawson College. Marianne is honing her legal mind on the board of the Legacy Fund with real-world cases and hopes to use her legal knowledge to build a greener future.


Suanne Stein Day

Suanne Stein Day, an active community leader and former chair of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, has served on the boards of the Quebec English School Boards Association and the Pearson Educational Foundation. She currently sits on the boards of the Eva Marsden Centre for Aging and Social Justice, la Fondation Place Coco and Community Perspectives in Mental Health. Suanne is a self-employed accountant and joins the Legacy Fund as treasurer.

Photo Credit: Nat & Sam Photo


Patrick Gannon

Patrick Gannon recently completed a master’s degree in Environmental Assessment at Concordia University in Montreal. Prior to that he studied Biology, Environmental Science, and Geography at the University of Ottawa. He has worked for five years in the UN system on issues related to biodiversity conservation, with a focus on the establishment and maintenance of networks of effective and equitably managed protected and conserved areas.

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