How we operate

Hi! I’m Al Hayek, Director and Treasurer for the Legacy Fund for the Environment (2016-2022), and I would like to give you a quick look at how we operate.

A unique approach to preservation

As distinct from other Quebec environmental organizations, we finance legal recourses and related biodiversity and other studies undertaken by Citizens’ Groups in their quest to take ecological action to preserve their natural environment, stop forest destruction and for environmental protection. We are there to assist Citizens’ Groups with our experience, help them to incorporate if necessary, and suggest lawyers and other experts to help them with their case. We stay involved throughout.

If you are interested in working with the Legacy Fund, please contact us at or call 514-927-7802.

How does the funding work?

Our funding arrangements are flexible and depend on individual circumstances, but the Legacy Fund usually matches, dollar for dollar, any sums raised by the Citizens’ Group up to an agreed upon amount. We cover all GST and PST costs. At the same time any funds raised by the Citizens’ Group for environment action or biodiversity protection, when donated through the Legacy Fund, are eligible for tax deductions, as we are a registered charity.

Consider what a $100 dollar donation to the Legacy Fund means to the Citizens’ Group under our matching-grant program. This donation results in a net cost to the donor of between $50 and $65 because of the tax deduction*, while the Citizens’ Group receives $230 to finance their legal recourses and related studies (including GST and PST).

*For that portion of charitable donations over $200 in the year.

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